Cine-i byron

byron is a 4-piece rock band founded in Romania in 2006. They have issued 4 studio albums, 2 live DVDs and one Blu-ray so far. You may listen to them at

The band was established in 2006 as a quintet and released its debut, “Forbidden Drama”, in October 2007. Structured as a theater play, the album showcases an eclectic mix of art-rock and alternative music, with progressive and classical hints. The songs were later re-arranged for a full unplugged performance, released the following year on the live DVD “Acoustic Drama”.

byron’s second studio release, “A Kind of Alchemy”, is out in October 2009. The album marks an evolution in the band’s sound, borrowing elements from various genres (such as blues and funk) and employing a wider diversity of instruments. The songs are entirely in English, as usual, and the album as a whole deals with the process of creation, ranging from madness to zen. In frontman Dan Byron’s words, “The mood is nocturnal, rather intimate, sometimes playful or even exuberant”.

The third studio release, Perfect, is a collection of various known (and less known) songs in Romanian musically changed to fit byron’s style.

The band’s second DVD (and first Blu-ray), Live Underground, was released in May 2012 and features the band playing two concerts in the Turda salt mine in Transylvania, more than 100m underground.

Released in spring 2013 and prefaced by the hit single “Road Trip”, byron’s latest album “30 Seconds of Fame” is a tasteful mix of rock & blues grooves, acoustic vibes and electronic textures – a definite step forward in the band’s tireless musical exploration. It is also available in Romanian as “30 de secunde de faimă“, and a limited edition Deluxe Box was also made which contains both discs.

In summer 2013, longtime member Costin Oprea (electric guitar) decides to leave the band in pursuit of other projects.

The band is overall tributary the most diverse influences, ranging from “Thrak”-era King Crimson to Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Tori Amos or Porcupine Tree.

byron is:

  • -Dan Byron – vocals, guitar, flute
  • -6fingers – keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • -László Demeter – bass
  • -Dan Georgescu – drums and percussion


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